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Hayman were the choice of a great many of the leading sixties and seventies rock, jazz and mainstream artists, including Mitch Mitchell, Daniel Humair, Ronnie Stephenson, John Marshall, Johnnie Richardson, Phil Seamen, Paul Hammond, Aynsley Dunbar, Brian Bennett, Jon Hiseman, Alf Bigden, Trevor Morais, Bob Henrit, Rob Townsend and Tony Oxley. They were also popular amongst the Beat Boom fraternity, in fact anyone who wanted their drum sound to cut through the sound-pressure levels produced by the new breeds of guitar and bass amps that were appearing on the market.

Our relaunched range of drums will appeal to a wide range of current artists from a spectrum of styles, who have been waiting for something different; a viable new drum set with increased tone, power and cut.

We encourage potential endorsers to contact us to arrange a demonstration.

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