Hayman Model 1000

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Hayman Drum Kit

Hayman Model 1000 Drum Kit Specifications:

  • 8 ply all Poplar shell 7mm thick.
  • Cross grained and cross laminated with staggered butt joins and 45 degree inner bearing edges with corresponding outer edge counter-cut.
  • Inner shells have minimum of 3 coats of polyurethane paint to seal the shell and stop the sound from penetrating the wood.
  • All stands double-braced.
  • Snare stand with basket-type holding system and ratchet operated playing angle adjustment.
  • Three stage disappearing boom cymbal stand with ratchet tilter, with deep felts and nylon topper.
  • Three stage matching straight cymbal stand.
  • Shell-mounted telescopic ratchet bass drum spurs with screw adjustable spike tip or optional rubber ends.
  • Twin ‘pistol-type’ ratchet tubular tom holders, isolation-mounted to toms with memory clamps. Single cast, low mass receiver block mounted to bass drum.
  • Centre pull hi hat stand with inverted U-shaped cast frame, chain driven centre-pull action, two piece footplate, twin sprung spurs, adjustable bottom cymbal cup and top cymbal clutch with extra-large height arrest screw.
  • Bass drum pedal with cast frame, adjustable expansion spring, two-piece cast footplate with toe stop, rod stretcher, twin spurs, double chain pull, adjustable jaw clamp with locking screw on side and balanced, impact angle-adjustable composition beater
  • Toms: 12 X 9", 13 X 10" and 16 X 16".
    Bass drum: 22 X 18".
    Snare drum: 14 X 5.5" 
  • Remo heads

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