Hayman Drums are Reborn

Tuesday 12th October 2010 03:34:13 PM by Bob Henrit

Hayman Drums are Reborn

Hayman drums are reborn. Relaunched after 35 years, the brand will allow contemporary players to enjoy the tone, power and cut which proved popular in the sixties and seventies with a great many players from Mitch Mitchell from the Jimi Hendrix Experience, through to Brian Bennett, Aynsley Dunbar, Jon Hiseman and Phil Seamen.

The secret of the Hayman sound is in the 'Vibrasonic' interior coating, a thickish, sprayed-on coat of polyurethane, whose function is to harden the surface of the drum, allowing the sound to bounce around inside without being absorbed and give more 'crack'. For the mostly un-amplified drummers of the sixties and seventies, Hayman drums allowed drummers to cut-through the extreme volume levels produced by the new breed of guitar and bass amps appearing from the likes of Vox, Sound City and Marshall.

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