MikeDolbear.com review the Model 1000

Tuesday 14th December 2010 01:46:44 PM by Hayman Drums

MikeDolbear.com review the Model 1000

Chris Dennis takes an in-depth look at the new Hayman Model 1000 kit for mikedolbear.com. Here are some of his conclusions:

"Well, Hayman seem to have achieved what they set out to do in producing a loud, solid kit and this time with a good bit of history to add that retro factor! The kit looks the part, sounds big and should last a lifetime."

"Overall these kits are well made, solid and just a little bit different to others out there, but most importantly, Hayman have achieved their main goal – as the badges state, these kits are indeed loud!"

Chris Dennis, for MikeDolbear.com

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MikeDolbear.com review the Model 1000...

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